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Metal sheets can be punched into many patterns like hereunder. We can produce as your designs. Please contact us for more information.


(1) Type of material (2) Plate thickness (3) Plate width (4) Plate length (5) Pitch (6) Hole diameter (7) Shape of hole (model) (8) Margin size (9) Angle of hole

  • Uses: used in filter industry as filter mesh, in decoration fields as decoration mesh, in sieving of mine, medicine, grain, in sound insulation as sound mesh, in ventilate of grain depot ...
  • Characteristic: the metal is punched to mesh sheets, corrosion-resisting, long-lasting, winding-resisting, smooth-surface ...
  • Material: low carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, AL-MG alloy ...
  • Technical Data can be as your request.

We supply expanded metal machines and punching machines.

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